A World Where Human Life is Top Priority

A World Where Human Life is Top Priority

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We all live in a world where apparently anything can be given more importance than human life itself. Why do you think that is? My vote is on the mystical being in the sky who created and governs everything in existence.

Cain killed Abel because he was never taught the importance of human life. Some Christians will want to disagree and say it was because he was jealous of his brother (or many other reasons). But this still doesn’t change the fact that if human life was considered important, Cain probably would have just sabotaged his brother’s farm or anything he could come up with to stop his brother without killing or physically harming him. That’s just my view.

Let’s pause for a while and picture a world where, from a tender age, children are taught that nothing is more important than human life. What do you think would happen when these kids become adults? My guess would be that they would be nicer to each other. Can you imagine the number of wars fought over religion? And women… and land?

Even the environment would be better. Global warming likely wouldn’t exist because it has a negative impact on the life that is considered top priority. A people who believe human existence is this important would not be too eager to destroy the planet we call home.

Should Christians really be concerned about global warming? Of course… not! God is coming for his world soon so why bother. Most people will go to hell and the rest go to heaven so the earth isn’t really that important. No one seems to care about the meek who was said to inherit something.

Cutting down a forest is okay as long as you are making space to build a church and settlement for god’s people.

Prioritizing health and wellness (physical and mental) would do so much to uplift the whole world in so many ways. But how can this happen when religion is top? And for those who say money and power and other worldly possessions are now more important than religion, it is still religion’s fault.

There is no confusion when it comes to human life

Unlike religion, there is no confusion when it comes to human life. Why you ask? Simple, because we are all made equal, even though not equally made.

We were all made equal because every single solitary human is born naked, helpless and unable to speak. I strongly believe we all need oxygen, we all need food, and we all need water to stay alive. Everyone alive should have a heart pumping a red fluid like substance around our body.

We are not equally made because just like our fingerprint, we all think and see the world differently. Not everyone was created to be doctors, astronauts, athletes, kings and queens. All of us have our own unique role to play in life.

The color of our skin doesn’t change the fact we need water, air, and food to live. There are a lot more things that are far easier to understand that can help us see other humans as we see ourselves. This does not happen with religion. We don’t need to sell you on the idea/concept that we are human. It’s quite simple, don’t believe me? Stop drinking water for 2 weeks, or better yet, hold your breath until I write my next post on free will.

Religion is more confusing. And this causes all kinds of psychological changes, good and bad, in the individual in order for them to accept or reject the idea being sold to them. For many millennia, this confusing concept has been pushed at us as something that dictates our lives, not just as something to consider. Now, you can understand why the world is the way it is and why people continue to do as they are.

It is much easier to accept the concept of humanity. Therefore, if you are taught to value your life and not encouraged to give your life away (whether to god or the devil, or whoever is buying), this would have a positive impact not only on how we treat ourselves but how we treat others, who feel and live on this planet just like we do.

When you prioritize human life, you have to consider the impact of present day actions on the future generation. When you don’t, like with Christianity, you tend to not value the future that much because god can come at any time. Why worry about the next 2 or 3 generations when god could come right now?

Science would have taken a completely different turn

Science and religion used to be opposed and completely separate. One was about learning to make life better for all, while the other was about control and power. Then they got mixed, and as expected, control and power decided on the direction science went. It was no longer how to make life better for all, but to improve life so as far as maintaining control and power over the masses.

Now with the pharmaceutical industry… cough cough cough – think I should take something for this cough. The cough medicine has side effects that cause a headache which I now require another form of medication to correct. This headache medication also has side effects that cause some unknown allergy to flare up and needs more medicine to correct. This allergy pill has more side effects that cause suicidal thoughts which require another medicine… [and we see how this cycle never ends until I am struck by a motor vehicle pulled towards me with the magnetic field created by my body due to the chemical imbalance created from all these medications… I kid you not, it could happen.]

You might be thinking, what does religion have to do with the pharmaceutical industry? What does religion have to do with politics? What does religion have to do with anything? Well, religion was here before all of them, and it will be here past when nothing else exists. We do not live in a world run by atheists, and have never had a world run by atheists.

As humanity’s health and wellness is not priority, science has been going down a path of “for profit and power” (very much like religion/Christianity). Whereas if it was different, we would see the true genius of god’s creation with how they only develop things to preserve and enhance our existence.

Is it too late to save humanity?

Probably! We might as well all go dip in water (aka baptize) and come out a new person.

Achieving a world where human life is priority is near impossible with religion as powerful as they are. Our best hope lies in the stars.

Yes, an alien invasion might be the only thing that can unite humanity at this point. When the survival of humanity is directly threatened, the natural God-given human instincts will kick in and survival mode will pull us together to defend this planet we call home.

What do you think about my dream world where it is human first and god second (-ish)?

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