No such thing as free will

No such thing as free will

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I hope I am not alone when it comes to how confusing this concept of free gets the more Christians discuss it. The part that confuses the life out of me is when they insist everything that happens is allowed to happen by god because we can do nothing god does not allow. Doesn’t this mean that good is responsible for everything?

To make an already confusing situation even more confusing is the added belief by some Christians that god does nothing bad/evil. So basically, everything good is a result of god and everything bad is of the devil (who apparently created himself), and allowed to by god.

What does that even mean?

Apparently, it means logic and reasoning goes out the door on the subject of god. Nothing is to make sense.

The story is that the god you worship is all good, all the time. Therefore everything evil is from a separate opposing entity of seemingly similar power and authority. Yet, Christianity believes in one god and the devil is supposedly only a rogue angel.

So what is free will?

‘And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”’
Genesis 2:16-17 (NKJV)

It has been described as god’s biggest mistake, and is believed to be man’s ability to make his own decision. Yes, free will is something god has no power over. Everything points to free will being outside the control of the almighty. And this makes many Christians uncomfortable to the point where they only talk nonsense.

My thing is, if god is as mighty and as powerful as Christianity portrays him to be, wouldn’t it be possible for him to create a force that he himself has no control over?

Think before you answer that. If you say no, then that means god is not as powerful as you want me to believe and there are many things he can’t do. If you answer yes, then that means he quite likely made a mistake by giving humans the ability to decide whether to obey him or not.

Why do most Christians not support the concept of free will?

Simply because most Christians are not mature enough and so refuse to accept responsibility for their own actions.

It is much easier to blame the devil for everything evil that happens, and by extension give god the credit for everything good. What this means overall is that we are all just pawns on a game board being played by god and the devil. We really have no say in anything that happens.

Another reason could be that free will shows up the limitations of god. It is blasphemy even to think there is something god cannot do (even if it is that god himself made it that way). Some Christians will say god can make us do anything, but he prefers to allow us to make our own decision.

Also, the concept of free will would mean god doesn’t actually know everything. Some Christians probably want to wash out my mouth with holy water right now, but it is true. If I can choose anything I want then god can’t know what I will choose, he can only know what happens after I choose it.

For example, at an intersection in the middle of nowhere, I can know where each road will lead but I can’t know which road the driver will take if he has full freedom to choose. Same as for 5 boxes on a table. I can know exactly what is in each box, so I know what the person will get but I can’t say 100% which box will be chosen. And to make matters even worse, the driver could turn back or the person looking at the boxes on the table could just decide not to pick one.

So in the end, if free will exists, that means god cannot know everything. He can have faith and hope man will go left but man still has the option to stop.

Free will or God’s will?

If we do not have the freedom of choice then everything that happens is god’s doing. We are merely pawns that he controls however he pleases. Humans have no say in anything and the devil doesn’t really exist.

Without free will then the church serves no purpose. We should love and accept everything as it is because it is the will of god. Everything that happens has to happen so there is no need to fast and pray for the crime rate in Jamaica to go down. Or to worry about heaven or hell. There is nothing that we or the church can do to change what has already been written in stone.

I believe free will does exist, hence the presence of the church and many other organizations that exist to sway the thought process of man and woman in a certain direction. I believe we are all fully responsible for our own actions, both good and bad. I further believe Christianity as a whole needs to stop blaming the devil for anything they don’t like.

What if god’s will is actually for us to have our own freedom of choice? Then, Christians really need to consider the choices they make.

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