Why no females in the Heavenly Hierarchy

Why no females in the Heavenly Hierarchy?

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“A weh di ooman dem deh rasta??! A joke ting dis!!”

God made man. He saw man was lonely so he made woman. Just like all the other creatures he created, there was a male and a female version. Even in the floods, which supposedly wiped out humanity, Noah’s ark had male and female versions of every animal. Be fruitful and multiply he said.

In Christianity, we have a father (no mother), a son (no daughter’s’), and the Holy Spirit (who could be a mix of both genders, who knows?). Even the angels all appear to be male-dominated (at least all the senior angels).

Does anyone else find this odd? And still, women wonder why they have had such a hard time seeking gender equality. Not to mention Islam and their treatment of women.

What is it with these religions and women?

So woman was created from the rib of a man, we can accept that. According to science, it is possible to take a stem cell of an organism and recreate it (which is likely what happened in the whole creation story but back then who knew about stem cells?). The real issue goes beyond this because I don’t recall seeing where it is written to say that the woman was made to be less than the man.

I am also surprised that not even Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ our lord and savior, gets a lot of attention. Then again, she is only a virgin that got impregnated by god the father through the Holy Spirit to bring forth god the son. Women don’t really serve more purpose than that. No wonder the bible was written by men inspired by god because apparently god doesn’t inspire women (he only impregnates them).

Throughout history, it’s like god only talked to men. Is it that he is shy or something? How can he be intimidated by the beauty of his own creation? Or could it be that god speaks to men through women! This probably explains why virgins used to be sacrificed (no… still doesn’t explain that crap).

Behind every great man there is a [strong/black/patient/supportive/etc.] woman

We have all heard this statement or some variation of it. If it is that god communicates through women, this would clear up a lot. Especially why “real” men are generally “weak” to women; woman are the voice of god. Probably also explains why women can generally sense/see things men find almost impossible to notice.

I can see the effect of having the ‘voice of god’ in your ears every night. You would most definitely wake up ready to conquer the world.

So what happened to the women?

Is it because Eve disobeyed god, ate the ‘apple’ and then influenced Adam to do the same?
Is it because the beauty of women surpasses that of their angelic counterparts we hardly ever hear anything about?

What if Lucifer (a.k.a. the devil) was fighting for gender equality and that’s why he was cast out of heaven?

Why did Islam go to the extremes it has to restrict women the way they do? I can somewhat understand where the dressing is concerned because it could prevent a lot of accidents but, along with a list of other outrageous restrictions, women are not even allowed to go to a football stadium to watch the beautiful game. I only learned this a few months ago when Jamaica played Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia.

So sad but gender equality seems near impossible in Christian and Islamic states. What a day when there is a female head of the Roman Catholic or Anglican Church…

It can’t be because the bible said the man is the head of the house. What do you think is the real reason women are treated the way they are in Christianity?

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