I am not Atheist

I am not Atheist

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Or am I?!

It might shock many who know me and have experienced me venting about religion, but the truth is I am only atheist when dealing with Christians.

I don’t see myself as an atheist even though I mostly support their point of view. However, if going by the dictionary definition of the word Atheist, I am that I am.

I disagree with many of the practices of religion that do not improve/empower humankind. The worst part is I am not alone in disagreeing with so many aspects of Christianity. With over 33,000 different registered denominations around the world, this demonstrates that within the Christian faith itself, there is so much disagreement on things like even how to worship.

In a world where a lot of Christians do not want 52 shades of grey between believer and non-believer, I generally have to take the atheist front. All my friends are Christians and we still get along 80% of the time. We usually don’t get along when they are engaging in activities I don’t think are in alignment with their religion, or when they want me to attend or participate in church-related activities.

People say I bash the bible a lot but so too does half of the people who do not use the same version of the bible as other Christians. There is still a lot of good knowledge to acquire from the bible, I just don’t agree with the interpretation that is usually accepted as “law”.

Why do I love to debate Christianity?

I really don’t. I just prefer people saying what they really mean, feel and believe, as opposed to saying what others want you to say or what you have to say in order to ‘fit in’.

Many times I just debate because I don’t like when people say things only because that is what has always been said. I want to make sure they know what they are saying. Sometimes I even agree with what they are saying but I still oppose just to pull more out of them.

I don’t know or experienced any other religion as much as Christianity so it’s really the only one I can truly debate.

Humanity is my Religion

I believe my fellow oxygen breathing, food and water needing, flesh and blood brothers and sisters should be given more importance than this fictitious, debatable, all-powerful father in the sky. Now you see why I come across as Atheist.

I still believe the main reason Cain killed Abel is because he was brainwashed from an early age to prioritize god over everything else, and by extension, over the life of his own brother. I fundamentally disagree anything should be put above human life.

Am I wrong? You tell me.

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I am a Freelance Web Developer with a passion for the human experience. I was born, raised, and currently live in Jamaica so my experience is highly impacted by the Christian faith. With the encouragement of some friends, this blog is for me to share my views, feelings and thoughts on the subject of Christianity.

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