A World Where Human Life is Top Priority

We all live in a world where apparently anything can be given more importance than human life itself. Why do you think that is? My vote is on the mystical being in the sky who created and governs everything in existence. Cain killed Abel because he was never taught the importance of human life. Some Christians will want to disagree […]

I am Atheist

I found this poem on my computer, written in July 2014. I can’t recall what had happened then to inspire me to write it but wow! I love it! I don’t believe in god… Does that mean I have no respect for human life? Does that mean I show no sense of appreciation for mother nature? Does that mean I […]

I am not Atheist

Or am I?! It might shock many who know me and have experienced me venting about religion, but the truth is I am only atheist when dealing with Christians. I don’t see myself as an atheist even though I mostly support their point of view. However, if going by the dictionary definition of the word Atheist, I am that I […]

All My Friends are Christians

Atheist, devil, the anti-Christ… some of the names I have been called by Christians. Yet, I have no friend who is not a believer, and this goes for both male and female friends. Last time I checked the majority of my friends were of the Seventh Day Adventist persuasion. I believe half of my friends are baptized and devoted worshipers. […]