All My Friends are Christians

All My Friends are Christians

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Atheist, devil, the anti-Christ… some of the names I have been called by Christians. Yet, I have no friend who is not a believer, and this goes for both male and female friends.

Last time I checked the majority of my friends were of the Seventh Day Adventist persuasion. I believe half of my friends are baptized and devoted worshipers. I don’t personally know or are friends with any atheist and I only have very few friends of other religious faiths; a few Rastafarians and a wanna-be Muslim… she knows herself!

What my Friends think of me

9 out of 10 times the average person who meets me believe I am a Christian. The few who find out I am not are usually very shocked.

My friends, on the other hand, all know I am not, many believe I am an atheist, some believe I am just being rebellious. While others don’t care or don’t believe I am really a non-believer. They can correct me if I am wrong but they all seem to believe I am just as good and principled as serious Christians (without the worshipping aspect).

A few of them have told me I am better than many Christians they know, because I don’t go clubbing/partying, not a fan of drinking, and do not engage in a lot of “not so cool” activities that some Christians are comfortable doing.

Do we discuss religion?

All the time!

I have some friends with whom there is no filter on what comes out of my mouth about religion, especially Christianity. A few of them will challenge me, others try to avoid the discussion because they know I am always ready for a debate.

This might shock you but I encourage my friends to go to church and live the life they have selected. I may not like the path but I respect their decision and support them as best as I can. I just believe you should do whatever you agree/say you are going to do.

Surprisingly my friends and I agree on many religious related matters we discuss (especially when I provide the facts and figures they can’t reject). Stuff like the role of the church in the enslavement of the black race and other topics like how the state of the society is usually worse in countries/regions with high religious affiliation.

Overall, I get along quite well with all my friends, just like everyone else does, religious or not.

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I am a Freelance Web Developer with a passion for the human experience. I was born, raised, and currently live in Jamaica so my experience is highly impacted by the Christian faith. With the encouragement of some friends, this blog is for me to share my views, feelings and thoughts on the subject of Christianity.

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